Virtual reality glasses with Bluetooth controller Xenic VR-VIII


Experience impossible

Thank to 360 movies you can experience moments of worthy heroes action movies. Flight by supersonic fighter or wingsuit is now possible without leaving home! And thanks to virtual reality you can look around in all directions!


Discover new places

Move anywhere and explore the surrounding area with applications for virtual reality on Android and iOS.


Truly three-dimensional image

The split screen showing an image for each eye separately makes that the 3D effect is natural as never before.


Entertainment without limits

Literally plunge in the action on the screen of your smartphone. Play virtual reality games downloaded from Google Play or App Store.


Comfortable Bluetooth controller

It supports smartphone without having to remove it from the glasses, and when you run your favorite game use the controller as a convenient control. Power supply: two AAA batteries, 1.5V.


Pull-out panel

Unveils smartphone camera lens and allows you to shoot photos.


Sliding pocket

Just a few seconds to safely put the smartphone in goggles.


Adjusting the lens

Adjust the glasses to their needs and adjust the distance between the lens and its distance from the screen. Settings can be done without removing the glasses from your head.


Package contents