Car charger Xenic HDCC-11

  • hdcc11-1
  • hdcc11-2
  • hdcc11-3
  • hdcc11-4
  • hdcc11-5
  • hdcc11-6
  • hdcc11-7
  • hdcc11-8
  • hdcc11-9a
  • hdcc11-9b


Three USB outputs make possibile to charge three devices simultaneously. Maximum charging current in individual slots 2.1A/1A/1A. Maximum charging current if using one USB slot: 4.1A. Smart charging function-automatical detection of device and adjusting charging current. Circuit with over-voltage and over-heated protection.

Technical specification

  • input: DC 12/24V,
  • output: 2.1A/1A/1A total 4.1A.



  • use as intended,
  • store in a dry place,
  • protect from rain and moisture,
  • keep away from children.