Xenic Object Locator with Bluetooth trigger KF01

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  • kf01-2
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  • kf01-4
  • kf01-5
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  • kf01-7
  • kf01-8


Two-way communication between smartphone and anti-lost alarm to protect things against theft or lost:

  • smartphone protection - if anti-lost alarm and smartphone are in distance further than 25m, alarm will ring in both  of them,
  • object protection  - in anti-lost alarm that is attached to luggage, wallet and in smartphone alarm will ring if the devices  are in the distance further than 25m.

Fast object localization eg. keys after starting alarm sound. This function can also be used to fast localization of kids or pets.


Key features

  • camera shutter helpful in taking selfie pictures,
  • remote start of voice recording,
  • car localization - APK remembers localization of the parked car,
  • small size,
  • Bluetooth low energy 4.0,
  • easy to use.


  • Bluetooth version: 4.0 BLE,
  • compatible with iOS system 5.0 and higher and Android 4.3 and higher,
  • operation distance up to 25m ( without obstacles),
  • battery CR2032 (working time about 6 months),
  • itracing APK available in Google store oraz Apple store,
  • size: 52x30x10mm,
  • wWeight: 8g.