2xUSB car charger Xenic UCC2

  • ucc2-3
  • ucc2-4
  • ucc2-6
  • ucc2-7
  • ucc2-9


2 x USB car charger with double sided microUSB plug.

Key features:

  • innovative symetrical microUSB plug allows to connect it to devices in both ways,
  • two USB sockets and microUSB cable allow to charge up to three electronic devices simultaneously,
  • maximum charging current for one USB charger port: 2.4A,
  • maximum charging current while microUSB cable is used: 1A,
  • smart charging - automatically recognize devices and adjust charging current,
  • protection against electric overload, overcharging and overheating.


  • input: 12/24V,
  • output: 5V, max. 4.2A,
  • cable length: max 0.6m.