The FM F-209A transmitter

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The more advanced version of the F-172A model, enables listening to your favourite music in the car, using a PENDRIVE, memory card or an external device such as an MP3 player or smartphone. The F-209A transmitter installed in the car lighter socket sends a signal to the radio on the previously set frequency, thanks to which you can enjoy the music stored on modern data storage devices without the need for replacing your vehicle for a new model, equipped with the necessary sockets.

The device is equipped with an equaliser and a visible LCD screen displaying the track name, volume and frequency. It also reads the structure from the medium. As opposed to the F-172A model, it also supports micro SD cards in addition to SD and MMC. The other additional function is the RDS system displaying a currently played track on the display of the radio. The F-209A offers standard support of external devices using the audio cable included in the set.


Features and functions:

  • transmitting range between 87,5-108 MHz (full range),
  • visible LCD screen displaying the track name, volume and frequency, among others,
  • playing files from a PENDRIVE (USB drive) or SD and MMC cards,
  • playing files from an external device (smartphone, MP3 player, MP4, DVD, CD) using the audio cable,
  • simple use with a remote control,
  • power 12V.


In the set:

  • audio cable,
  • remote control,
  • user manual.